It’s Preparing You not Pressuring You

The Bible tells us in Isaiah 54:17, that no weapon formed against us shall prosper but it never said that the weapons would not form. The verse is evidence that the weapons will form. It is also evidence that they will never prosper! We can ask ourselves why God would allow weapons to form but we shouldn’t question him, we KNOW that his ways are higher than our own. He created us to be living proof that we can endure and overcome all the obstacles and opposition we face. We often complain about pressure because it takes a larger toll on us than we believe we can handle. The amount of pressure is actually exactly what we need to reach our next level of functioning. The obstacles are built for us meaning the weapons formed against us are also built for us. The devil forms our weapons based on what he believes about us. He knows that what God put on the inside of us will activate when we come to realize the power he placed down on the inside of us. An old friend of mine once told me “when you realize how strong you are you will become unstoppable”. Now to paint a picture for you this is the person who I would just cry and complain to. He saw what I didn’t see about myself. The Bible says we perish because of lack of knowledge. When we do not know who we are we will allow our obstacles and opposition to tell us who we are. The devil will benefit from our inability to see ourselves the way God sees us. He never wants us to look at what is on the inside of us but instead at our circumstances. You must know that you will overcome because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world 1 John 4:4. The level of the pressure we face in opposition or obstacles is actually the level that God believes we can perform. What do your obstacles and opposition say about you?

Published by

Stella Merveille

My purpose is to help the lost be found again in Christ. Just as I did on my journey to the healthiest version of myself mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. To ensure that you see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living take good care of your soul.

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