Thursday’s Thoughts

Perhaps we look at the glass as half empty when we ought to look at it as half full. Things are never really what we often believe they are. We often buy into lies about others and ourselves. Naturally we all want to fit in and belong so we move with the crowd. We approve of what they approve and disapprove of what they disapprove of. The problem is when you live for their approval you will die from their criticism. Each of us must learn to stand strong on our own. Something we must consider is not everyone’s opinion about us is true. When others make us seem like we are not special it is a sign speaking to how special we really are. They just hope we do not see it because if we do we might shine brighter than a star on a dark night. When they call us dumb or stupid maybe they are afraid that others will see how brilliant we actually are. When they discredit us maybe it is a sign of how much credit we actually have with other people. When they try to make it seems like we are made of all weaknesses maybe they are trying to cover up our strengths. The truth is we should never be swayed by anyones opinion of us. We should never allow another person to change what we believe about ourselves. When we do, we may allow a person with a hidden agenda to mislead us into thinking less of ourselves when we are destined for much greater. Our value, worth, and perception of ourselves is only solid when we allow it to come from our creator.

Your Belief System

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Here is your reminder to be careful with your beliefs.

What you believe becomes your reality.

If you look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and you believe it,

Every single time you see yourself or think of yourself after that moment you will think “I am beautiful”. Believing in God works the same way. When you hear his word and you believe in his promises full heartedly you welcome his existence in your life.

The first connection you make with God stems from belief. It is your belief that ignites his fire within you.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Yes God sees and hears all people.

But it is your belief that gets you recognized by him.

Not just the type that thinks it may be possible.

But one who accepts that it is.

That He is who He says he is.

That His promises are prophetic.

That his love is everlasting.

That His healing is restorative.

That His forgiveness is freeing.

You must b e l i e v e it to receive it.

While you are seeking God

keep in mind that it is your belief God seeks.

Your beliefs and disbeliefs open and close doors for you.

What you believe becomes your reality.

When you believe that he exists then you live like he exists.

You begin to exchange words and actions with him.

You cultivate a r e l a t i o n s h i p with him.

In a relationship communication and consistency are key. With that being said, how is your relationship with God doing?